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AUTHOR Liu, Guangde and Yu, Rongrong and Liu, Dong and Xia, Yuanhua and Pei, Xiaoyuan and Wang, Wei and Min, Chunying and Liu, Shengkai and Shao, Ruiqi and Xu, Zhiwei
Title 3D-printed TiO2-Ti3C2Tx heterojunction/rGO/PDMS composites with gradient pore size for electromagnetic interference shielding and thermal management [Abstract]
Year 2022
Journal/Proceedings Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
In this paper, the Ti3C2Tx/GO frame with vertical pore gradient is constructed by using 3D printing technology. The TiO2-Ti3C2Tx heterojunctions is generated in situ by thermal annealing to control the oxidation of 3D frames. TiO2-Ti3C2Tx/rGO/PDMS composites with high EMI SE and excellent thermal management performance are assembled by curing the annealed 3D frame with polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Notably, the composites have a unique multilayer-scale structure that rod-shaped TiO2 particles are decorated on Ti3C2Tx substrate and TiO2-Ti3C2Tx/rGO stack to form an amorphous porous gradient pore size structure. The effect of gradient pore size on EMI SE of composites is studied by simulation. Under the synergistic effect of multiple loss mechanism, the designed composites show conductivity of up to 173.1 S/m, the thickness of the composite is 2 mm and the density is 67mg/cm3, which shows excellent EMI SE of 58 dB. The composites also have excellent thermal management performance.