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AUTHOR Demirörs, Ahmet F. and Poloni, Erik and Chiesa, Maddalena and Bargardi, Fabio L. and Binelli, Marco R. and Woigk, Wilhelm and de Castro, Lucas D. C. and Kleger, Nicole and Coulter, Fergal B. and Sicher, Alba and Galinski, Henning and Scheffold, Frank and Studart, André R.
Title Three-dimensional printing of photonic colloidal glasses into objects with isotropic structural color [Abstract]
Year 2022
Journal/Proceedings Nature Communications
Reftype Demirörs2022
Structural color is frequently exploited by living organisms for biological functions and has also been translated into synthetic materials as a more durable and less hazardous alternative to conventional pigments. Additive manufacturing approaches were recently exploited for the fabrication of exquisite photonic objects, but the angle-dependence observed limits a broader application of structural color in synthetic systems. Here, we propose a manufacturing platform for the 3D printing of complex-shaped objects that display isotropic structural color generated from photonic colloidal glasses. Structurally colored objects are printed from aqueous colloidal inks containing monodisperse silica particles, carbon black, and a gel-forming copolymer. Rheology and Small-Angle-X-Ray-Scattering measurements are performed to identify the processing conditions leading to printed objects with tunable structural colors. Multimaterial printing is eventually used to create complex-shaped objects with multiple structural colors using silica and carbon as abundant and sustainable building blocks.