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AUTHOR Bucciarelli, Alessio and Petretta, Mauro and Grigolo, Brunella and Gambari, Laura and Bossi, Alessandra Maria and Grassi, Francesco and Maniglio, Devid
Title Methacrylated Silk Fibroin Additive Manufacturing of Shape Memory Constructs with Possible Application in Bone Regeneration [Abstract]
Year 2022
Journal/Proceedings Gels
Methacrylated silk (Sil-MA) is a chemically modified silk fibroin specifically designed to be crosslinkable under UV light, which makes this material applicable in additive manufacturing techniques and allows the prototyping and development of patient-specific 2D or 3D constructs. In this study, we produced a thin grid structure based on crosslinked Sil-MA that can be withdrawn and ejected and that can recover its shape after rehydration. A complete chemical and physical characterization of Sil-MA was first conducted. Additionally, we tested Sil-MA biocompatibility according to the International Standard Organization protocols (ISO 10993) ensuring the possibility of using it in future trials. Sil-MA was also tested to verify its ability to support osteogenesis. Overall, Sil-MA was shown to be biocompatible and osteoconductive. Finally, two different additive manufacturing technologies, a Digital Light Processing (DLP) UV projector and a pneumatic extrusion technique, were used to develop a Sil-MA grid construct. A proof-of-concept of its shape-memory property was provided. Together, our data support the hypothesis that Sil-MA grid constructs can be injectable and applicable in bone regeneration applications.