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AUTHOR Krstić, Nenad and Jüttner, Jens and Giegerich, Lars and Mayer, Margot and Knuth, Monika and Müller, Achim and Thielemann, Christiane
Title 3D printed biosensor for continuous glucose measurement in cell cultures [Abstract]
Year 2023
Journal/Proceedings Annals of 3D Printed Medicine
A novel 3D-printed glucose sensor is presented for cell culture application. Glucose sensing was performed using a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)-based assay principle based on ConA and dextran. Both molecules are encapsulated in alginate microspheres and embedded in the UV-curable, stable hydrogel polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). The rheology of the formulation was adapted to obtain good properties for an extrusion-based printing process. The printed sensor structures were tested for their ability to detect glucose in vitro. A proportional increase in fluorescence intensity was observed in a concentration range of 0 - 2 g/L glucose. Tests with HEK cell cultures also showed good cell compatibility and excellent adhesion properties on plasma-treated Petri dishes. The printed sensors were able to detect the glucose decay associated with the metabolic activities of the fast-growing HEK cells in the cell culture medium over ten days. The proof-of-principle study shows that metabolic processes in cell cultures can be monitored with the new printed sensor using a standard fluorescence wide-field microscope.
AUTHOR Allig, Sebastian and Mayer, Margot and Thielemann, Christiane
Title Workflow for bioprinting of cell-laden bioink
Year 2018
Journal/Proceedings Lekar a Technika