We are an ambitious, passionate and driven team that is building research tools for our customers today, with a view of creating instruments that will meet their manufacturing needs of the future. We are already engaged in building these future generation bioprinting instruments alongside our new SHAPER software, which is specifically configured for biofabrication and for manufacturing the future of medicine.

We take great care to understand the journey our customers are taking, and are focused on helping them achieve their largest ambitions. To do this, we are investing heavily in our engineering R&D and sourcing novel technologies from across Europe, in addition to developing our own.

In our new R-GEN 3D bioprinters and SHAPER software, we combine Italian design with Swiss precision engineering to create bioprinters that our customers can use, whether for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine or drug formulation.

REGENHU was formed to build bioprinters that will clearly impact the world of medicine. Today, we remain strong believers in this vision and are driven to accomplishing this.