Bioprinting is a powerful technology in tissue and organ fabrication which has gained significant interest in medicine, biotech and pharmaceutics.

regenHU dedicates its engineering efforts on supporting the scientific community with cutting-edge bioprinting and biofabrication solutions to enable scientific advancements leading to the development of novel clinical products, therapies and solutions.
To date our bioprinting solutions are used for multidisciplinary applications, among other:

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BioArk bridges industries with innovation

3D cell culture at Curio Biotech mimicks in vivo conditions.

Curio Biotech is a start-up CRO company providing services to clients ln the lite sciences sector of the pharma, cosmetlc, nutraceutlcal and diagnostic industries.

Curio Biotech constantly improves existing 30 cell culture systems and further develops novel in vitro models.

These novel 30 cell cultures can be used not only for in vitro drug discovery, screening of compounds and pre-clinlcal investigation, but can also be translated for various clinical applications.

Technology by Bilan

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Science Daily

A novel microplate 3D bioprinting platform for the engineering of muscle and tendon tissues

In our ageing society, there is a huge medical need for therapies against degenerative muscle and tendon diseases. This study by researchers from ZHAW and Novartis Institutes for  Biomedical Research describes a novel drug screening platform with  automated production of 3D musculoskeletal-tendon-like tissues,  representing a promising tool to address musculoskeletal diseases. Cells and bioink were printed using the 3DDiscovery™ bioprinter, in  dumbbell lines designed by regenHU’s integrated BioCAD™ program.

Scientific publication

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Todays Dental News

The US Dominates the ARWU’s Best Dental Schools for 2018

Zeynep Aytac works with a 3D-Discovery Bioprinter at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

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Adolphe Merkle Insitute, University of Fribourg

An electric eel-inspired soft power source from stacked hydrogels

Working on a way to create a flexible bio-battery, researchers at the University of Fribourg used four compositions of hydrogel, and combined them to form a continuous series that mimicked the electric eel’s organized electrocytes anatomy. All hydrogel patterns were printed using a regenHU 3DDiscovery 3D bioprinter, with a custom print plate. 

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Utrecht University

3D printers to create human body parts from scratch

"My research is really awesome, because we're using 3D printers to create human body parts from scratch." 
PhD candidate in Regenerative Medicine, Department of Orthopaedics, UMC Utrecht

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Partners achievements

3D-printed minifactories

ETH Zürich "ETH researchers have developed a biocompatible ink for 3D printing using living bacteria. This makes it possible to produce biological materials capable of breaking down toxic substances or producing high-purity cellulose for biomedical applications." Complete press-release : ETH Zürich website Press link : Compamed Magazine

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