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AUTHOR Fenton, Owen S. and Paolini, Marion and Andresen, Jason L. and Müller, Florence J. and Langer, Robert
Title Outlooks on Three-Dimensional Printing for Ocular Biomaterials Research [Abstract]
Year 2019
Journal/Proceedings Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Abstract Given its potential for high-resolution, customizable, and waste-free fabrication of medical devices and in vitro biological models, 3-dimensional (3D) bioprinting has broad utility within the biomaterials field. Indeed, 3D bioprinting has to date been successfully used for the development of drug delivery systems, the recapitulation of hard biological tissues, and the fabrication of cellularized organ and tissue-mimics, among other applications. In this study, we highlight convergent efforts within engineering, cell biology, soft matter, and chemistry in an overview of the 3D bioprinting field, and we then conclude our work with outlooks toward the application of 3D bioprinting for ocular research in vitro and in vivo.