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AUTHOR Moon, Seongjun and Neale, Dylan B. and Kim, Do Hoon and Mukherji, Malini and Hughes, Elliot and Deng, Yuxuan and Kerneis, Fabienne and Luo, Xiuquan and Tharp, Darron and Bognar, Ernest and Stanbery, Laura and Nemunaitis, John and Chun, Tae-Hwa and Lahann, Joerg
Title A Scalable Engineered Extracellular Matrix Platform to Expand Tumor Cells [Abstract]
Year 2023
Journal/Proceedings Advanced NanoBiomed Research
The demand for high-throughput and scalable cell expansion platforms that can accommodate diverse cell types remains a critical requirement across various biomedical fields. Fibronectin (Fn), an essential component of the extracellular matrix (ECM), has been used as a conformal surface coating for two-dimensional (2D) cell culture systems. However, the soluble, globular Fn used for 2D coatings differs structurally from the native Fn, which possesses a three-dimensional (3D) fibrillar structure. Herein, a large-scale engineered ECM (EECM) cell expansion platform based on a 3D fibrillar Fn network spanning over centimeters is presented. Extended fibrillar networks are formed by shearing dilute Fn solutions over tessellated polymeric scaffolds, which are conveniently prepared by 3D printing. The structure and size of the Fn-based 3D EECM scaffold are optimized by evaluating the proliferation of a colorectal tumor cell line, CT26, commonly used in the in vivo tumor immunotherapy models. The 3D EECM scaffolds support a fourfold more efficient tumor cell expansion than a conventional 2D culture system, demonstrating the potential efficacy in supporting the robust expansion of cancer cells ex vivo with an eye on cancer immunotherapy.