Partners achievements

Partners achievements
Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Layer-by-layer ultraviolet assisted extrusion-based (UAE) bioprinting of hydrogel constructs with high aspect ratio for soft tissue engineering applications

Using the 3DDiscovery’s layer-by-layer UV curing system, researchers at NTU Singapore built thick cell-laden constructs with high shape fidelity and mechanical properties suitable for soft tissue engineering applications.

Sources :
Authors: Pei Zhuang, Wei Long Ng, Jia An, Chee Kai Chua, Lay Poh Tan


One of the major challenges in the field of soft tissue engineering using bioprinting is fabricating complex tissue constructs with desired structure integrity and mechanical property. To accomplish such requirements, most of...

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Partners achievements
Tel-Aviv University

3D Printing of Personalized Thick and Perfusable Cardiac Patches and Hearts

Once again, the flexibility of our technologies is showcased. 3DDiscovery™ Evolution was adapted to FRESH 3D Bioprinting to build vascularized and perfusable cardiac patches.

ABSTRACT : "Generation of thick vascularized tissues that fully match the patient still remains an unmet challenge in cardiac tissue engineering. Here, a simple approach to 3D‐print thick, vascularized, and perfusable cardiac patches that completely match the immunological, cellular, biochemical, and anatomical properties of the patient is reported. To this end, a biopsy of an omental tissue is taken from patients....

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Partners achievements
AO Research Institute

A Stimuli-Responsive Nanocomposite for 3D Anisotropic Cell-Guidance and Magnetic Soft Robotics

"A novel method is presented to biofabricate anisotropic nanocomposite  hydrogels through a mild and biocompatible process driven by multiple  external stimuli: magnetic field, temperature, and light. The  functionality of this stimuliresponsive hydrogel is studied creating i)  3D cell-instructive platforms for in vitro morphogenesis, and ii) a 3D  printable magnetoresponsive ink for fabricating small-scale bioinspired soft robots"

source : Advandced Science News

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University of Glasgow

Bioprinting with Biogelx-Ink

Álvaro Sánchez Rubio, a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Glasgow, is printing with Biogelx-Ink-S.

Source: Biogelx Limited

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Partners achievements
UMC Utrecht

Replicating the architecture of cartilage and bone

"This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No [647426])"

sources: UMC Utrecht

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Partners achievements

Pionier für menschliches Gewebe aus dem Drucker

"Markus Rimann hat das Fachgebiet des Bioprinting an der ZHAW aufgebaut.  Das Ziel: menschliches Gewebe für eine effiziente Medikamentenentwicklung."

"Markus Rimann am 3D-Bioprinter, der sich hinter der Scheibe in einer  sterilen Umgebung befindet. Mit der auf dem Bildschirm geöffneten  Software, lässt sich der  Drucker steuern."


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BioArk bridges industries with innovation

3D cell culture at Curio Biotech mimicks in vivo conditions.

Curio Biotech is a start-up CRO company providing services to clients ln the lite sciences sector of the pharma, cosmetlc, nutraceutlcal and diagnostic industries.

Curio Biotech constantly improves existing 30 cell culture systems and further develops novel in vitro models.

These novel 30 cell cultures can be used not only for in vitro drug discovery, screening of compounds and pre-clinlcal investigation, but can also be translated for various clinical applications.

Technology by Bilan

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Partners achievements
Science Daily

A novel microplate 3D bioprinting platform for the engineering of muscle and tendon tissues

In our ageing society, there is a huge medical need for therapies against degenerative muscle and tendon diseases. This study by researchers from ZHAW and Novartis Institutes for  Biomedical Research describes a novel drug screening platform with  automated production of 3D musculoskeletal-tendon-like tissues,  representing a promising tool to address musculoskeletal diseases. Cells and bioink were printed using the 3DDiscovery™ bioprinter, in  dumbbell lines designed by regenHU’s integrated BioCAD™ program.

Scientific publication

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Todays Dental News

The US Dominates the ARWU’s Best Dental Schools for 2018

Zeynep Aytac works with a 3D-Discovery Bioprinter at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

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