REGENHU, a leading global bioprinting company, today announced the launch of the R-GEN series and SHAPER, a new bioprinter and software designed to cover the entire biofabrication process.

Bioprinting has experienced unpreceded growth in the past decade. This technique has evolved rapidly from developing printing biomaterials, to tissues and more complex structures with the goal of recreating human tissues and organs for transplants and repairs. It has also helped to develop tissue models for drug discovery and testing, as well as printing tablets for personalized medicine to cater for the needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. As bioprinting technologies continue to advance healthcare, complexities involved in the biofabrication process will increase. This poses a series of challenges to those at the forefront of research, including the need for more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective printing processes, technologies, and tools to successfully deliver cells with high cell viability and to design complex multi-material constructs.

The REGENHU platform provides unmatched design flexibility and a wide range of converging technologies to combine multiple biomaterials. Together with SHAPER’s easy-to-use software capabilities, the new series will give researchers worldwide the use of complex design architectures for a wide range of applications,  from engineered tissues, such as skin, bone and cartilage, to drug discovery, and help to produce personalized pharmaceutical compounds.  The new combination offers improved focus and control on the whole biofabrication process, step-by-step monitoring, and comprehensive, real time adaptation of bioprinting parameters to ensure unmatched levels of print quality and repeatability in a simpler, more efficient way.

“We are an ambitious, passionate, and dynamic team who are building 3D bioprinters and software for our customers today, with the view of creating the instruments that will provide their manufacturing needs of the future,” said Simon MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer at REGENHU. “The R-GEN platform and SHAPER have been designed to stay ahead of the ever-changing needs of our partners in order to evolve research and clinical applications in the bioprinting field.”

“Our commitment to our users, present and future, is that we will stay with them through their journey, with bioprinting instruments that enhance their ability to realize their research goals, however ambitious,” he added.


REGENHU is a research driven, Swiss MedTech bioprinter pioneer committed to assisting the research and scientific communities by creating and developing state-of-the art bioprinting technologies to revolutionize medicine. Founded in 2007, the dynamic and rapidly expanding company is based in Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland, with offices in the United States, and distributors in Asia and Oceania.

Learn more at www.regenhu.com , or connect with us on LinkedInTwitterInstagram and Youtube.

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