RegenHU Is Close to Launching the First Commercial 3D Printed Synthetic Bone Implant

Posted in News on 26.09.2014

"Lately there has been a lot of talk — and writing — about breakthroughs in 3D bioprinting. I know, I have covered a lot of it myself. The thing is, while complex 3D printed organs are still many years away, there already are companies that have commercially released both 3D bioprintiners and bioink products. One of these is Swiss based RegenHU (which stands for Regeneration HUman) and its product line up is quite impressive.

3d discovery_600 3d printerThe company co-founded by its current CEO Marc Thurner, based in Villaz St-Pierre in the canton of Fribourg is already on the market with two 3D bioprinters. One is the high-end BioFactory, while the other is the more affordable (still in the order of many tens of thousands of euros) 3DDiscovery, the one used by Dr Malda’s Bioprinting Facility at the University of Utrecht. ..."

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