A Stimuli-Responsive Nanocomposite for 3D Anisotropic Cell-Guidance and Magnetic Soft Robotics

AO Research Institute

Posted in Partners achievements on 13.03.2019

"A novel method is presented to biofabricate anisotropic nanocomposite  hydrogels through a mild and biocompatible process driven by multiple  external stimuli: magnetic field, temperature, and light. The  functionality of this stimuliresponsive hydrogel is studied creating i)  3D cell-instructive platforms for in vitro morphogenesis, and ii) a 3D  printable magnetoresponsive ink for fabricating small-scale bioinspired soft robots"

source : Advandced Science News

This is reported by Riccardo Tognato, Angela R. Armiento, Valentina Bonfrate, Riccardo Levato, Jos Malda, Mauro Alini, David Eglin, Gabriele  Giancane, and Tiziano Serra in their article https://doi.org/10.1002/adfm.201804647."