Summer School

25.06.2018 - 29.06.2018 - Bordeaux

Enhance your knowledge on complex biofabrication of living tissue.

The  Bordeaux Summer School, co-organised by the European Society for Biomaterials and the Society for Biomaterials, wants to promote  international exchange on biomaterials for medical devices and  regenerative medicine.  We’re excited to be part of this first-time  event and share our knowledge and expertise on complex biofabrication of  living tissue.

We invite you  to a practical learning session where you can experience different bioprinting techniques and exchange with our expert. 
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regenHU expert Mauro Petretta will focus on the principles of microextrusion and inkjet bioprinting, including technical details and computer assisted design. Using the regenHU 3D Discovery™ Bioprinting platform, he will address the pros and cons of each technology. 
A master degree (cum laude) in Biomedical Engineering, Mauro has extensive research experience in polymeric materials, composites and multifunctional structures, and custom-made 3D scaffolding. His most recent research focuses on 3D tissue fabrication and developing innovative bioprinting solutions.


Together we shape the future of healthcare. 

Marc Thurner, CEO regenHU Ltd.