regenHU, speaker at the 50th Annual Meeting and General Assembly of IAPCO

14.02.2019 - 17.02.2019 - Basel, Switzerland

13:15 - 13: 40 Engineering complex bioarchitetures to biomimic nature: A step closer to the development of artificial organs

Speaker : Marc Thurner, CEO regenHU
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Our cutting  edge biofabrication process creates infinite possibilities in the  manufacture of artificial tissues and organs. By engineering Macro &  Nano architectures in a single process unit, we have opened the door to  a whole new world of possibilities allowing us to mimic biological  systems identical to those found in nature.

"This event is the flagship conference of IAPCO and represents one  of the  most interesting gatherings of professionals in the PCO  business. This  year's conference will be no exception and brings  together delegates  from around the globe to discuss the latest advances  in this vibrant and  constantly evolving field. Our theme is  "Conference 5.0" following  IAPCOs 50th birthday and initiating the next  stage of development within  the industry, underlined by the exciting  daily topics "Innovate or Die", "Critical Thinking" and "Positive Leadership". "


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