IBEC Symposium : Bioengineering for Regenerative Therapies

02.10.2018 - Barcelona

This year’s symposium is the first one of the second decade of  activity of IBEC. The topic is one of IBEC’s three areas of application,  Bioengineering for Regenerative Therapies.

The IBEC annual symposium brings together high-profile international  experts for an open forum for interdisciplinary discussions and  networking. The whole scientific community is invited to participate.

To share the scientific activities being carried out at the  institute, attendees are welcome to present their research or projects  in poster format. Some of these contributions will be selected, by the  scientific committee, for an oral flash presentation.

Additionally, for the first time this year, attendees are invited to present their research in a short video to be uploaded in the IBEC YouTube channel. The most popular video will win a prize at the end of the year.