3D Bio-Printers

3D bioprinting, is a powerful fabrication technology, used to create three-dimensional cellular constructs which biomimics complex biological functionalities found in native tissues and organs.

3DD Discovery BioSafetyThe bioprinting manufacturing technology combined with smart biomaterials, stem cells, growth and differentiation factors, and biomimetic environments have created unique opportunities to fabricate tissues in the laboratory from combinations of engineered extracellular matrices (scaffolds), cells, and biologically active molecules.

RegenHU provides cutting-edge bioprinting solutions to combine multiple extracellular matrix materials, hydrogels, cells and bioactives within a three-dimensional spatial controlled environment enabling highly dynamic networks of proteins and signal transduction pathways in tissues, cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions.








products bio factoryThe BioFactory® is a high end, versatile and cell friendly three dimensional bio-manufacturing instrument. It allows researchers to pattern cells, biomolecules and a range of soft and rigid materials in desirable 3D composite structures in order to mimic biomimetic tissue models.

BioFactory® in action | See the movie

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products 3d discoveryThe 3DDiscovery® instrument is a cost-effective 3D bio-printing platform to explore the potential of 3D tissue engineering through the bio-printing approach.

3DDiscovery® in action | See the movie

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3D Tissue Models to Study & Identify

  • Cell-cell interactions
  • Drug metabolisms
  • In vivo relevance
  • Differentiation
  • Extracellular matrix contact
  • Morphology
  • Proliferation
  • Expression (gene, protein)
  • Viability
  • Environment