Serving the advancement of science

The regenHU Bioprinting Academy serves as a research lab to learn,  test and experiment with the latest bioprinting & biofabrication  technologies.

It is a dedicated environment for researchers and  academics to exchange with experts on the the most recent developments  in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

The Bioprinting  Academy offers a great opportunity to challenge our engineering team in  finding innovative and creative solutions.

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An Academy to share knowledge and expertise

  • To stimulate an open exchange of expertise between the different  protagonists in the world of tissue engineering and regenerative  medicine.
  • To transfer our knowledge in exploring the unique features of the 3DDiscovery™ Evolution, designed to evolve with the constant changes in bioprinting and bio simulation.
  • To offer a  hands-on experience of our custom-designed Bioprinting Software Suite, and how this software can be exploited to extend the capabilities of the  bioprinting hardware.
  • To introduce first-time users to cutting-edge processes and technologies in bioprinting and biofabrication.
  • To accompany experienced researchers and seasoned academics in developing custom-fit solutions, pushing  boundaries and accomplishing success.
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logo regenhu

A tailored approach

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Our clients appreciate our passion for excellence and our tailored  approach.  We are committed to accompany them on their journey with safe  and high quality solutions.  With our innovative mindset we are  prepared to take on any challenge.

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regenHU Headquarters

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