Are you an experienced professional who wants to take his research to   the next level? Are you a newcomer to 3D bioprinting who wants to  learn  more about this rapidly evolving field? Do you need to challenge   existing technologies before you decide on making your next  acquisition? Then regenHU’s Bioprinting Academy is the place for you.

The Bioprinting Academy is receiving praise from scientists around the world.

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Serving the advancement of science

You will learn all about latest technologies in 3D bioprinting in a  friendly and professional atmosphere. Our engineers will expertly assist  you in designing 3D models with our software suite, acquiring hands-on expertise in operating different 3D bioprinters, or even performing  printability tests of your biomaterials.

  • Hands-on expertise with regenHU’s biofabrication platform
  • Possibility to print your materials
  • Clear understanding of the instrument’s capabilities
  • Professional and friendly atmosphere
  • Aimed at all users regardless of their expertise in 3D bioprinting

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A tailored approach

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Our clients appreciate our passion for excellence and our tailored approach. We are committed to accompany them on their journey with safe and high quality solutions. With our innovative mindset we are prepared to take on any challenge.

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