Drug Discovery

Are you concerned witch better methods for pharmaceutically efficient drugs, faster development times, safer drugs and quicker time-to-market?

The BioFactory® is a door opener to the third dimension

thumb Drug discovery image 1It is well known nowadays that test results from 2D monolayer cell culture have a very poor correlation with both in vivo animal and in vivo human clinical data. However, 2D cell culture is still the predominant technique used in many research labs. The BioFactory offers a novel approach enabling research to enter into 3D innovation and discovery.



Our bio-printing technology allows the manufacturing of a large variety of 3D multilayer synthetic organomimetic in vitro models. This enables much more realistic analysis of induced effects by active substances on highly dynamic networks of proteins and signal transduction pathways in tissues, cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix interactions.

Application note : 3D chemotaxis assays | See the movie