We are delighted to announce that R-GEN 100 won the Technology Innovator Awards 2021 for the best tabletop 3D bioprinter.

As Alex Abraham, editor at Corporate Vision said “The Technology Innovator Awards 2021 will place emphasis on applauding innovation and seek to reward those who have proven themselves to be tech pioneers capable of providing solutions to meet a vast array of demands.”

With this recognition, we are celebrating our commitment towards excellence and innovation for our customers within a constantly evolving field. With our award-winning bioprinting solutions, we enable our users to reach their goals and ambitions in tissue engineering, being 3D cellular models for drug discovery or human tissues for regenerative medicine. At the heart of everything we do stands our customer-focused approach and visionary outlook to offer a comprehensive, high-performance bioprinting platform.

Together with our users, we are shaping the future of medicine today.