The REGENHU 3D bioprinters will be used to produce organoid-based tissues in the EU-funded project OrganTrans.

OrganTrans is to tackle the important healthcare challenge of end-stage liver failure and aims to give patients an alternative to liver donor transplants, using biofabricated liver tissue.

OrganTrans reunites the know-how of eight partners in a Consortium that covers the entire value chain, from cell source, tissue engineering and biofabrication, to post-processing and testing.

With its expertise and industry-leading technology, REGENHU acts as an enabler to its Consortium partners who will use the REGENHU bioprinting instruments to use organoid laden bioink and develop organ-based liver constructs.

The ambitious OrganTrans project and its needs for innovative solutions, gives REGENHU the opportunity to take biofabrication to a whole new level, extending their technologies to the use of organoids in a controlled environment. This new dimension and the continuous evolution of their bioprinting instruments take them one step closer to becoming an instrumental partner in the production of ATMP’s for regenerative medicine.

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