TEDD Annual Meeting dedicated to the field of bioprinting

08.11.2017 - 09.11.2017: Switzerland, Wädenswil

Bioprinting – where to go?
What are the benefits of bioprinting compared to standard tissue engineering approaches and where do we see a real added value?

For  the  first  time  a  workshop  on bioprinting  is  preceding  the  TEDD  AM  where  the  two  companies regenHU and CELLINK demonstrate their applications and collaborations. As usual, we offer some of our partners the opportunity to present themselves with a booth over the extended lunchtime.

TEDD Annual Meeting Flyer

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This year the TEDD Annual Meeting is dedicated to the field of bioprinting. The technology is expected to change the way we engineer tissues and bring it to a new level of physiological relevance.

This will have  an  impact  on  drug  development  and  substance  testing,  as  well  as  clinical  research  and personalized medicine. We will hear about the latestdevelopments of bioprinting in basic and applied research, as well as industrial applications.

source : www.zhaw.ch