Discover The Future of 3D Printing in Medicine and Dentistry with regenHU at Additive Manufacturing Strategies

22.01.2018 - 23.01.2018: Washington DC

Marc Thurner is CEO and founder of regenHU Ltd. Active in the advancement of biofabrication for over 15 years, he is a leading contributor to the 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering scene.

Speaking Time:
Day 2 – 9:40 am

Panel VI – 3D Printing Biomedical Materials

About “Additive Manufacturing Strategies”
Our Summit is designed to guide managers, entrepreneurs and investors to the most profitable opportunities in 3D-printed medical and dental applications. It covers 3D-printed prosthetics, implants, medical models and personal medicine, as well as dental devices – sectors that will generate more than $5 billion in revenues by 2021, according to SmarTech’s latest analysis.
Attendees will hear from 3D Systems, EOS, GE Additive, HP, Materialise and Oxford Performance Materials, as well as other speakers from healthcare (for example, the Mayo Clinic) academia and the investment community. Attendees will:
• Gain a realistic view of what 3D-printing applications are useful now and which lie in the future. For which medical and dental products will 3D printing become a standard fabrication process and which will stay in the labs for years to come? In what markets can bioprinting firms expect to make money
• Better understand the revenue expectations from 3D printing in the medical and dental space and the value chains that will emerge in this area. The conference will include several sessions presenting up to date forecasts of 3D printing penetration and revenue generation
• Receive guidance on how 3D printing will disrupt supply chains in the healthcare and dentistry industry. Speakers will discuss how 3D-printing will transform the market for the healthcare industry, medical and dental labs, as well as the emergence of specialist 3D-printing services targeted towards doctors, dentists and hospitals
• Gain insight into where the money will be coming from for “additive medicine,” how investors view this sector and what kind of financial deal will be struck in this area in the coming years. It will also provide clarity on how intellectual property will impact investment considerations in this area
• Obtain an improved understanding of regulatory requirements affecting 3D printing in medicine and dentistry and how these vary internationally
This must attend event, produced by SmarTech and for the key players in 3D-printed medicine and dentistry, is intended for marketing, business development and product management as well as investors and healthcare professionals of all kinds.