Fluid dispenser

The ALL-IN-ONE Drug discovery liquid handling device.

The 3DDiscovery® instrument is a multi-functional liquid handling device responding to today's requirements of 2D/3D Drug Discovery/Toxicology screening applications. The 3DDiscovery® instrument is both a powerful FLUID DISPENSER addressing today's industrial needs, as well as a three-dimensional BIOPRINTER responding to the upcoming challenges facing the pharmaceutical, biotech and clinical research organizations.

3DDiscovery® Fluid dispenser 


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The 3DDiscovery® Fluid dispenser is a versatile and multi- functional liquid handling instrument. Applications range from bulk reagent dispensing to 2D/3D precision cell/reagent dispensing and placement for plates/microarrays with volumes down to the pico-liter range.

  • Up to 4 different mediums
  • SLAS Standards: Glass Slides, 6, 12, 24, 96, 384, 1536, 3456 plates
  • Down to pico-liter dispensing volumes
  • Contactless (jetting) or contact dispensing (needle)
  • High viscosity range
  • Lab bench / Flow bench integration
  • User friendly software
  • Medium heater and cooler