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BioCADBioCAD™ is an intuitive, easy to use drawing suite that allows scientists and biomedical designers to design tissues, patterns, and scaffolds within minutes. There is no need for pre-existing 3D models or medical images, since BioCAD™ has all the necessary tools that allow you to design multimaterial models from scratch.



BioCAMBioCAM™ is an easy to use 3D model slicer and toolpath generator dedicated to regenHU’s 3D bio and tissue printers. It enables the creation of multimaterial tissues based on 3D digital models acquired from CAD systems, 3D scanners or medical imaging.



BioCUTBioCUT™ is an easy to use DICOM visualizer and analyzing tool which is integrated in regenHU’s 3D bio and tissue printing digital workflow. It is a powerful software tool that allows scientists, biomedical designers and healthcare providers to create complex tissue structures while leading the user through the digital workflow: from medical imaging to multi-tissue modeling and multi material 3D bioprinting interface.