System-Engineering, partner's success

regenHU is a member of CPA Group Ltd, a swiss industrial holding company. With its sister companies, regenHU offers strong, multidisciplinary engineering and industrial competencies.


Your automation partner since the preclinical phase


Every new therapeutic product has to face the preclinical requirements of drugs development. During this phase, reproducibility, traceability and quality control have an important impact on the exploitability of the final results. Many of the risks associated to those aspects can be mitigated thanks to the high degree of automation provided by the bio-manufacturing approach. Partnering with us will give you:


  • Higher efficiency and control due to the high degree of automation
  • Cost savings in the critical preclinical and clinical steps
  • Shorter time to market
  • Potential to secure intellectual property by combining biological and manufacturing aspects in early product development stages
  • A strong partner to accompany you from the early the stage "Lab" idea, all the way to market introduction


Product industrialization


From laboratory to market, together we turn your early stage ideas into tomorrow's biomedical products. 

Coming together to shape your future